Alexander von Treuenfels


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Alexandre von Treuenfels was born in Brasil in 1954.

Growing up in Rolândia/Paraná he spend his childhood on a coffee farm. He studied agriculture in Brasil and later in Germany. After some years gaining professional experience in farming Treuenfels decided to follow his wish to become an artist and studied at the 'Escola Panamericana de Arte' (EPA), college of art in Sao Paulo, in 1983.

During the following years Treuenfels got intensively engaged with painting and exhibited on several occasions in Brazil and later in Germany.

An invitation by Mr. Rudolf August Oetker to exhibit his paintings in Baden-Baden brought him back to Germany where he is now living in Hamburg as an artist.



Lima-technique (lima = latin: file, artistic development)


Mysterious figures and exotic shapes emerge from a similar shade of their basic substance. Through a dense and amorphous yet profound substance they manifest themselves an a vivid form of light and colour.


The viewer’s eye goes on a voyage of dicovery, reveals dreams and strolls in the heavens as well as the distant past – alternating vision demands both looking closely and sharpening one’s imagination.


Not merely are memories captured, but alternative concepts to a high-tech world are introduced.

There is a sense of longing for balance, for an ideal original state to establish reconciliation through the equality of man and nature.

Memory rises from the depths of the subconscious, recollecting the unspoiled quality of human nature. The viewer is confronted with his own self, with his own contradictory traits, with rationality and the artefacts of civilisation.


The taurus symbolizes the mother of earth, which consists of all dispositions of genesis, through strength, continuity and tolerant resistance throughout.

The fight between man and taurus, shown as a dance, presents the partnership and at the same time hostile relation between nature and civilisation.


The artist’s experiment is based on applying a ground with a spatula in free sweeping strokes, where the unconscious leaves its marks. It is his intuitive tracing that forms the relief-like structures left behind as magical figures through brushstrokes and colour.

The imaginative succession of man and beast, element and creature, in picture-puzzles marks the artist’s signature.